Web Development Projects


Live video dating site that gets clearer as the conversation goes on. Real time video chat and responsive data and text chat.

Django, WebRTC, Ajax, Javascript, jQuery, Postgresql

Lecture Slide Redesign

Team Project to redefine how our class is taught at RocketU. Built to spec, this site displays lecture slides (use arrow keys to navigate). Students can ask questions and request help on slides. This data is relayed to the teacher who can check on this through the mobile-ready web app

Best in Class

Student Login: rudy, password: rudy | Teacher Login (use on mobile): prof, password: prof

Django, Ajax, Javascript, jQuery, Postgresql, Unit Testing, Integration Testing


Long Distance Ridesharing

Django, jQuery, Postgresql

Heroku is free but file storage is not, please excuse missing photos


An API for store owners to include on their online storefront page to dispatch Uber drivers to pick up and deliver goods to consumers.

Made this as a hackathon project, would need to get on Uber's whitehat hacker list to be fully functional

Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Uber API, Venmo API


Host management system that uses a matching algorithm to predict how long customers will stay at a tables to better assist servers in making reservations and relaying wait times to customers

Django, Ajax, Javascript, jQuery, Postgresql

Work in Progress

Python Projects

Developed as part of a class taken at Rice University through Coursera

To run the games, please use Google Chrome, click on the image and then click on the play button in the top left corner of the page

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Single Player Asteroids

Responsive image

Two Player Asteroids

Responsive image

Single Player Blackjack

Responsive image

Two Player Pong

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Stopwatch Game